Fulton Bike Accident Attorney

Bicycles are a welcome alternative to congested roadways and public transportation system. They offer an opportunity to get fresh air and exercise while reducing your carbon footprint. While using bikes is both a convenient and healthy way to commute, they also present unique dangers. When struck by a car, bikers can sustain serious, even fatal, injuries. It doesn’t take a speeding car to do extensive damage – speeds as low as 10 miles an hour can result in injuries with long-term recovery time. If you have suffered a traumatic cycling accident, its imperative to hire a skilled Fulton bike accident attorney.

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Road laws require bicyclists and drivers to share the road with one another. This means drivers must give bicyclists a fair berth, but it also means that bikers must obey the same traffic rules that cars do. Despite this, cyclists face unique hazards and are more vulnerable on roadways.

Common Accident Scenarios on Bikes

One of the most common bicycle accident occurrences is at an intersection. Only 11% of all bike accidents involve a car, but half of these take place at intersections. For example, drivers often make right hand turns into a bike because they misjudge how fast a bike was going.

In this instance, fault is clear. If the light was green and the biker was obeying the traffic signal, the driver of the car is at fault. But if the biker was crossing while oncoming traffic had a protected green light, the biker would be at fault.

In some cases, both the biker and motorist are at fault. The rule of comparative negligence is a tough one here in Maryland and other states similar laws. If you’re even slightly at fault for an accident, you’re ineligible to recover additional damages in a personal injury claim.

Who Will Pay for My Medical Care?

A police investigation should determine who’s at fault for the accident using eyewitness accounts and traffic cameras. The police department will write and file a report that assigns fault. Insurance companies, however, may dispute these findings after conducting their own investigations.

In Maryland and other states with similar laws, there is no-fault insurance, meaning that it mandates drivers to pay for personal injury protection (PIP). If you’re injured in an accident involving a car, the driver’s insurance policy should cover your medical expenses, regardless of who’s at fault for the accident. If the driver is wholly responsible for your injuries, seek to recover damages with a personal injury claim. This only applies to states with no-fault insurance laws.

What if I Disagree With a Fault Ruling?

The police and insurance companies may have different ideas about who’s responsible for an accident. Since you were directly involved, you may disagree with one or both accounts. If you think you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, your next step is to contact an injury attorney in Fulton, MD. A law office will conduct its own investigation to present to the court, which will ultimately make a ruling on who’s responsible for an accident.

Our Fulton Bike Accident Lawyers Help Local Families Recover Damages

Injuries from bike accidents can be extensive and the consequences can follow you around for a lifetime. At Discepolo Firm, we’re committed to helping Fulton area families gather the resources they need to heal.

If you believe you’re eligible to collect a personal injury claim, contact our office today for a free case evaluation. We’ll review the details of your accident, and if we believe you have a case, we’ll take it on a contingency-fee basis. You only pay if we win, and we keep our contingency fee minimal to ensure you get the fairest compensation. Lost wages, medical bills, and extensive care can add to devastating financial consequences, but you shouldn’t suffer because a driver was irresponsible on the road.