Fulton White Collar Crime Lawyer

“White collar crime” is a term for nonviolent crimes of financial opportunity. White collar crimes are serious in nature. Even rumors of such crime can permanently ruin a business’s reputation. Examples of white collar crimes include fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, forgery, cybercrime, and money laundering. Because of the nature of white collar crime, it can be difficult for agencies to assign blame to the right people. An accusation of fraud can devastate reputations and established businesses.

About White Collar Crime

White collar crime encompasses many types of crimes perpetrated by businesses, corporations, even government professionals and are center around stealing money or intellectual property. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies work to identify and put a stop to white collar crimes. You don’t have to engage in flagrant illicit activity for the FBI to find you guilty of fraud or embezzlement. Today, the current economic environment necessitates more intense scrutiny of businesses’ conduct, often resulting in the grand jury targeting corporate personnel.

Several important agencies, such as the United States Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), launch investigations into potential cases of white collar crime every year. These crimes are serious and can cost the government millions of dollars in damages. The most common forms of this crime include:

  • Financial institution fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Corporate fraud
  • Securities and commodities fraud

As advances in modern technology open the doors to new ways of stealing money or information, fraud scams evolve. White collar crime today can take the form of telemarketing fraud, advanced fee schemes, health insurance fraud, investment-related fraud, prime bank note fraud, “Ponzi” schemes, pyramid schemes, and market manipulation. If the FBI has accused your business of any of these illegal activities, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

The Consequences of White Collar Crimes

White collar crime cases generally fall under the jurisdiction of federal or state criminal law, but it does depend on the circumstances. The sentences for companies or persons found guilty of these crimes vary from imprisonment, fines, community service, restitution, and probation. Even if the courts do not find anyone guilty, the company will likely suffer a damaged reputation and subsequent loss of business. Many businesses don’t recover from a white collar crime investigation, even if the FBI never brings charges against them.

Criminal investigations into white collar crime require in-depth analyses of a corporation’s financial documentation, high-level corporate decisions, and business culture. These investigations are intense and can take years to complete.

Unlike other criminal cases, the FBI is often investigating charges well in advance of formally charging a corporation. The prosecutor typically gathers enough evidence to feel reasonably certain of the charges before bringing the plaintiff to court. Investigation before arrest can be intimidating for corporations that don’t hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Top-Notch White Collar Crime Lawyers in Fulton

As soon as you find out the FBI or other law enforcement entity is investigating your corporation for signs of white collar crime, get in touch with a skilled attorney. White collar criminal cases deal with complex financial laws at both the state and federal levels. Defense attorneys in these cases need to have a deep understanding of these laws and the ability to interview witnesses, interpret financial documentation, and procure expert reports.

The law firm of Discepolo Firm offers experienced legal counsel for state and federal white collar crime investigations. Our team understands the investigation process in Maryland, as well as other states, and we can help your corporation keep an accusation discrete to prevent damage to your business. If you are currently under investigation for fraud, cybercrime, embezzlement, forgery, or other forms of white collar crime, we can provide immediate assistance.