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Talc is a mineral mined from the earth that has many uses in the cosmetic and toiletry industries. From blushes and baby powders to chewing gum and medication tablets, talc is an ingredient in various products. Manufacturers use it as an ingredient to absorb moisture, prevent caking, create opaque facial makeup, or make a product feel better to the touch.

Talc is harmless on its own, but it is usually found in close proximity to asbestos. Unlike talc, asbestos is dangerous. Asbestos is a carcinogen – a cancer-causing agent. Questions concerning the safety of products containing talc usually stem from concerns of asbestos contamination. The FDA considers it unacceptable for any presence of asbestos to be in talc used for cosmetics or other products, and they urge caution when mining for talc to ensure it is not contaminated with asbestos deposits.

Recent FDA Surveys of Talc

In light of the recurring reports that question the safety of talc due to possible asbestos contamination since the 1970s, the FDA decided to conduct a survey of talc suppliers and cosmetic products containing talc. In total, scientists tested 34 different cosmetic products along with samples from four talc suppliers. They analyzed each product and talc sample three times using two different techniques: polarized light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy.

The results of the survey showed absolutely no asbestos fibers or structures in any of the talc containing products or talc samples. However, the FDA does not consider these results to be conclusive due to the low number of cosmetic products and talc samples tested. While these results are not irrefutable, they are informative. The FDA continues to monitor health issues surrounding talc but does not feel it poses a danger to the public at this time.

Cases Regarding Talcum Powder

Despite a lack of evidence of any widespread asbestos contamination, there have been a few noteworthy filings connected with concerns over the safety of talc.

In Cases Regarding Talcum Powder section, change content to read: In 2016 Johnson & Johnson lost two trials over claims its talcum powder is linked to ovarian cancer. Two separate cases were tried with one plaintiff awarded $55 million and another plaintiff awarded $72 million. The plaintiffs reportedly used talc in their vaginal areas which resulted in the talc migrating to their ovaries, lodging there, eventually causing cancer. Furthermore, it was uncovered that manufacturer J&J had long known about that risk, but didn’t warn its customers.

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