Brain Injury Lawyer Fulton

Terms such as brain injury, head injury, head trauma, and traumatic brain injury often are used interchangeably to refer to damage to the brain from some kind of physical trauma. This damage causes a disruption in the normal processes of the brain. Brain injuries can vary widely in severity, from severe injuries that have unmistakable symptoms to mild ones that can often go undiagnosed. The Fulton brain injury lawyers at Discepolo Firm are well versed in these complicated injury cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 1.4 million people in America suffer brain injuries every year. However, many people don’t report these injuries, because they are hard to detect, have few symptoms, and medical professionals often misdiagnose them. Traumatic events are not the only cause of brain injuries; they can also result from:

  • Car accidents (even minor ones)
  • Contact sports (wrestling, football, basketball)
  • Non-contact sports (bicycling accidents, track)
  • Workplace accidents
  • Acts of violence
  • Exposure to environmental toxins

Types of Brain Injuries

Physicians categorize brain injuries as either closed or open. A closed brain injury occurs without leaving any exterior sign of injury. Open brain injuries are open wounds, generally resulting from some objects penetrating the skin around the skull. Closed injuries are obviously harder for anyone to detect, but they can be just as severe, or even more so, than an open injury.

The most common type of closed brain injury is the concussion. When something or someone jolts or hits the head, it can result in a concussion. Concussions happen frequently in contact sports, especially football. Though the brain can heal, repeated injuries may make such healing impossible. Permanent brain damage can result from a concussion.

People can also “acquire” brain injuries when the resulting brain damage is from something besides external physical trauma. For instance, deprivation of oxygen from some internal cause like nearly drowning, exposure to toxins, or misusing medication can damage the brain.

Symptoms of Brain Injuries

Although brain injuries vary widely in cause and type, there are some common symptoms to look for if there is suspicion of such an injury. Adults and children do have different symptoms, so be aware of the differences. Symptoms in adults include:

  • Persistent headache
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Loss of memory
  • Behavioral or mood changes
  • Loss of cognitive functions

Children may present with:

  • Listlessness or unusual tiredness
  • Changes in normal patterns of eating, sleeping, playing, etc.
  • Loss of interest in toys or activities
  • Loss of recently gained skills
  • Unbalanced walking or other movements

While loss of consciousness is common when brain injury occurs, not all brain traumas will manifest this way. Total loss of consciousness may not occur even with severe injury. Similarly, symptoms of brain injuries may not appear until significantly later than the causal incident. Be diligent about caring for anyone who may have had such a trauma. 

Fulton Brain Injury Attorneys

The legal idea of negligence is the basis for lawsuits for cases of brain injury. Negligence claims require that the plaintiff (person bringing the lawsuit) proves the defendant (person the plaintiff is suing) is legally responsible for the injury. To prove the defendant guilty of negligence, the plaintiff must show:

  • The defendant did not show reasonable care – reasonable being what most people would do in such a situation.
  • The defendant’s action or lack of action caused the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • And the injuries or losses of the plaintiff can be measured under the law.

The Discepolo Firm law firm has extensive experience helping survivors of traumatic brain injuries and their loved ones find fair compensation. Our team of attorneys have been advocating on behalf of TBI survivors in Fulton, Maryland, the greater Baltimore and Chicago areas and nationwide for many years. Contact one of our compassionate representatives today to find the legal help you need.